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Thank for the reply everyone. After googling and reading, there is no software decoder for atmos at the moment. Its not licensed to any sound card manufacturer or software coy like PowerDVD etc...There are some hacks around but alot are malware, so not all will work.

So, the best way is to get a cheap AVR that supports atmos for decoding, then use the pre-outs on the amp (if you want to use your own power amp).

One thing for PC is that windows seems to be limited to 7.1 audio (I am not sure) right now. So, you can only have 5.1.2 for atmos. But there are sound cards that goes to 16 channels or more. So, maybe additional software is required. But its very expensive.
The fuss free way would be either a Blu ray player since most
have USB input.
However depending on the video file whether does it contain
Dolby Atmos or not.

PS try not to discuss blu ray rip/downloaded movies here.
Want best Dolby Atmos would be either Blu ray disc, Netflix
or Apple TV.

Windows 10 have Dolby Access (Paid app not free),
this is to enable Dolby Atmos for certain games or application like Netflix.

Due to piracy thus it is not available to other applications.
Dolby and DTS are surround format and manufacturer need to pay for their license and certification which is not cheap.

Unlikely you find a application whether free or not that can decode Dolby lossless except Dolby Digital or DTS Surround which Windows supports.
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