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In a private settlement, the party at fault is at the mercy of the one who kena hit. So it's not rare for them to lion open big mouth.

Usually private settlement, once both agree on the resolution, immediately take out a private settlement form and write down everything black and white. Both party sign and each get a copy. So if he wanted u to pay for his loss of use, the amount should be included inside.

U said u insist on a receipt. Actually he can heck care you cos he already got the money. Usually people will go meet at a agreed workshop, let the mechanic there give a quote. I know some people will go to another mechanic, in case the first mechanic is dodgy. After the quote, pay off, sign the private settlement form and hope never to hear from each other ever since.

The mistake u made is u never write down everything in black and white after u paid. In fact, he can even go and claim against you, despite u already paying him. Heck, he can claim u never paid him. So u will kena slapped by your insurance too.

I hope u had already made a report to your insurance company within 24hrs of the accident. The insurance company can ask u go fly kite if u din report and the other party's insurance company come knocking

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Sign private settlement still want to claim insurance? Where got such thing..once settled privately black n white and if both party agreed signed then everyone has to follow what was agreed upon.
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