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ntuc is overwhelmed because probably they are the first to launch and advertise for it.. i went for the webinar in early july they said they receiving over 300 applications daily but they only have 1750 slots across 14 tracks or something like that
I have attended around 12 courses from NTUC Learning Hub this month.. Although its mainly to get the training allowance, I did try to pick useful courses.

At the end of the day, I would say that many of their lecturers are well qualified, at least on paper and experienced wise, but in terms of delivery, 90% cannot make it.

One plus point about Temasek Poly is that all their SGUS courses are given Diploma status. While the other polys have limited courses and not all their SGUS courses have Diplomas. Also polytechnics will likely have better existing connections to employers vs NTUC.
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