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Hihi all hope all doing well. Dont mind i ask is there still any hope for this stock please? Am vested in 200000 shares before the big drop and bought at an average of 50 cents now only worth less than thirteen cents. Its very heart pain for a normal investor like me. Any advice to average down or just totally give up this stock? Understand that the current managenent is reducing debt and trying to make this counter attractive again. Any kind souls can give serious advise please? Will greatly appreciate it. Thanks in advance...
give up on this.

Was in it when it was packaged under something else called MIIF ... before they divested he rest of their businesses and spun off into APTT units or somehow.
I got some very odd quantity at the end of that and I've left it there to rot, being the residue of what MIIF was before.

I will not be here forever - live now, to live later.

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