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For discussion purpose:
1) I feel it’s hard to see many Swimming naked after 9 rounds of slew CMs. Most owners should have considerably good holding power. Plus interest rate now at all time Low.

2) even if there’s pple Swimming naked and unit kenna foreclosure, would bank auction these units at 30-50% cheaper than current market price? Any bros here come across such cases?

3) If those who r facing financial difficulty to service their mortgage due to retrenchment, what’s the chances they would panic sell and lower their selling price significantly and in the end incur more debts for themselves? (I.e they pay for a property at 1mil, loan 750k, would they sell it to u at 800k?) Assuming they use full cpf for down payment at 20% which is 200k, 5% cash at 50k.)
in this case, wouldn’t the owners incur more debts (in the form of cash) by selling u at 200k losses?

4) I know many people around me apply for defer mortgage not because they can’t service their loan, it’s because they want to accumulate more cash during covid. Anyway, interest rate so Low now, what’s the worry for the accumulated interest for defer payment?

Oh ya, I voted for clavon if quantum is significantly lower than the other 2.
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