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Yes, yes,I agree with you, these are gimics to attract customers. But with so many issues in the market and so much of disruption, I think those PSFs are non-recoverable in future at the time of resale ...

Some of the statistics below ( cant post the exact links but you can get just by googling these )

New roles for laid-off Singapore workers may not be perfect fit. PMET jobs, for example, tend to be quite specialised and need training first; other jobs may not be appealing enough, say observers :

Singapore property investment sales fall 45% in first half of 2020:

Singapore’s economic slump may have bottomed out but job losses, wage cuts likely to continue: Economists

About 3,800 companies closed down in April; expect uptick in coming months: Chee Hong Tat

SAT, JUL 18, 2020 : Where are the jobs?

JUL 15, 2020 : Singapore enters recession with record 12.6% GDP fall in Q2

JUL 14, 2020 : CNA : Singapore in technical recession after GDP shrinks 41.2% in Q2 from preceding quarter due to COVID-19
Hehe I also don’t have the answer why 250 slots were fully taken for viewing at Forett showflat. If I’m not serious in buying, would I even bother to book an appointment with my agent, fill up forms, submit blank Cheque just to go for showflat viewings?

I also don’t have the answer y penrose is rumoured to price at 1700psf when the breakeven cost is only 12xxpsf.
I love Cooling Measures

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