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I pay for e 50gb iCloud tier. prefer native experience.
That should be good enough if you do not take lots of photos/videos.

For my household we need the 2TB tier as the photos have exceeded 350GB already across the 3 iPhones under active use and it is growing (two 256GB iPhones and one 128GB iPhone, then two 32GB iPads). I do not mind paying S$1.28 for 50GB or even S$3.98 for 200GB. But S$12.98 is a bit steep. And then Google Photos app is really not bad.

Apple only offer 5GB free tier, 50GB/200GB/2TB paid tier.

Singapore (SGD)
50GB: S$ 1.28
200GB: S$ 3.98
2TB: S$ 12.98

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