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if you have NOT bought anything, price collapse works for you.
but imagine if you have already committed to a housing project..
price collapsing will likely mean that you have bought your unit at a higher price and will lower transaction price, you are screwed for the future...

CM are in place. don't think drastic price changes will be seen esp for projects that are >80% sold till date...

unless Forett or Penrose launches at absurd pricing, then maybe got chance for an adjustment. but then again, so many news reports indicate the PRICE SENSITIVITY of current buyers + current economic climate. you think Dev will launch penrose/forett at 2.5k psf meh...
Hehe agree.
If price can just collapse or sky rocket within a short timeframe, it will be a mockery to the 9 rounds of slew cooling measures Govt had put in place.
Hehe imagine what’s the stake of 90% existing home owners.
Then our hdb will be worth less than 100k?

I had said this many times, Govt is monitoring the market very closely, on top of CMs, if our economy warrant additional support to tide over this period, they will still put in place additional measures such as defer mortgage payment and extending of ABSD.
They r in control of market, peasant like us can’t talk up or talk down the market alone
I love Cooling Measures

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