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why is there still demand for Frontend or Backend / Fullstack web developers, since these CMS platforms can use all sort of plugins to do the same job?
You should be aware web developers do not necessarily build only websites. Web applications merely exist using largely web conduit to present to the audiences, but not all web applications are used by humans.

There are applications exist as web services, or software such as single-sign on systems for authentication and authorisation. There are also payment gateways for payment, content indexing and caching software, and many more. Just web services alone can have its own domain and specialisation.

CMS is only one kind of the many possible web applications. While you can retrofit any CMS to do anything else, that wouldn’t be the best use of a CMS, which as the name implies is to manage contents. There is also another variant of CMS known as headless CMS which are not exactly the same as popular CMS like Joomla, Wordpress or Drupal. Headless CMS do not focus on presentation, but more on content structuring.

Even when web portals are built, they are not necessarily serving with the same purpose as a CMS which provides contents management, documents versioning, and presentation as the main purpose. Suppose you are building a trading system like what POEMS or SGX have, it wouldn’t be a CMS. No doubt you can always start off with a CMS, and then create plugins, but features like document versioning, articles management will be useless to these portals. Also these CMS normally have a particular design in its framework and database schema which is more suitable for content creation and presentation than accessing a trading system internal to the trading firm, along with all sorts of auditing requirements, logs generation, and specialise access control.

With each system having very specialise needs, we will require software engineers whom are verse with general software development skill set to create such systems. Obviously there are COTS around for such specialise needs, but these systems can also be rather complex on their own, and integration them with other systems are not going to be easy feat, and hence we will require good developers capable of integrating multiple systems together.

Hope my clarification helps to answer your doubts.
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