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Need Recommendation

Hi guys,thank you in advance as i would like some recommendation... so this is my current setup.
I am using a Netear Orbi RBK40. The router in db box and one satellite in Master room. Right now i have pretty good signal around the home except for bedroom 3 where my desktop is. My desktop is currently wired lan back to router. But my laptops face signal drops when i close the door. Like work application actually loads slower or the laptop shows no wifi at times.

Am looking to invest in wifi 6.
Should i upgrade to orbi 852? Would that solve the signal drops? or do i need to get one router and 2 satellites meaning rbk853. I am also thinking if i should change to an all asus setup using the ai mesh. bedroom 2 is tenant room, so i cant place any satellite there.
Have plans to get a NAS and leave it in the store where there is also a lan point.
Has anyone here used rbk852?

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