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Hi guys, so this is my current setup.
I am using a Netear Orbi RBK40. The router in db box and one satellite in Master room. Right now i have pretty good signal around the home except for bedroom 3 where my desktop is. My desktop is currently wired lan back to router. But my laptops face signal drops when i close the door. Like work application actually loads slower or the laptop shows no wifi at times.

Am looking to invest in wifi 6.
Should i upgrade to orbi 852? Would that solve the signal drops? or do i need to get one router and 2 satellites? I am also thinking if i should change to an all asus setup using the ai mesh. bedroom 2 is tenant room, so i cant place any satellite there.
Have plans to get a NAS and leave it in the store where there is also a lan point.

1. You can do a test by moving the main orbi out of the DB box and see if this helps to improve your wifi speed in Room 3.

2. Add another Orbi RBK40 satellite in room 3.

3. get a Xiaomi AX router (if you can okey with chinese) as a AP in Room 3 (cheapest option).

- than all device in room 3 will connect to this AP.
- Configure the router (can be any brand don't need to be xiaomi) as AP/bridge mode (default usually router mode).
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