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Anyone bought Bleu de Chanel recently? The longetivity seems to be trashy now, dies down after like 3 hours...and I'm using the Parfum here
Hi! First post here. I bought BDC Parfum from Vivocityís Chanel Boutique around 3 weeks back and I have to say that it lasts for around 8-10 hours on my skin and a full day on my clothes.

I go nose blind to it around the 1-2 hour mark and get whiffs of it every now and then but people around me are able to detect my fragrance very easily and commented that it smells pretty strong from about 4-5 feet away (with masks on). Indoors, itís another story, people just want to kill me for smelling like BDC.

Sillage is excellent and projection is above average for me. The only other blue fragrance that outperformed BDC Parfum in my collection is Dylan Blue. It will not leave my skin completely even after hard scrubbing or a shower.

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