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I assume your house is 4 room as it's layout is pretty similar to mine.

Anyway currently i am also using the Orbi RBK50 like others here and i am getting approx 500+ Mbps at my furthest room on 5Ghz. What i can recommend is instead of leaving your router in the DB box, plug the lan cable from your ONT to the port that connects to your living room, leave your router there and shift the satellite nearer to your MBR door if there is a power outlet there.

However can check why can't you leave your satellite in bedroom 2 even though there is tenant there? Because it will be a win-win solution for both since can get good internet speed and just need to remind them not to turn off the satellite
We dont want to leave anything of ours in the tenant room. Just for peace of mind so i cant blame the tenant if anything happens to it. But thank you for the suggestion
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