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There are a few differences and it is a matter of scale.

Wix is an all-in-one web-based website platform, so end-users can click click , drag and make web sites straight away. Others include Squarespace, and more. They provide you an interface to design, launch your site, and includes in the web hosting.

Joomla (Is this what you're referring to) and WordPress are like back-end content platforms where you build using their interface, but the designing of the site is not web-based. The platforms themselves allow you to select plugins from different developers to achieve the look/function that you want.
But it is still a "back-end" type of process in a way because you login to a dashboard and build your web site. While it can still be fairly easy, it does require some work to put together. And you have to choose and install it on a web host, although there are companies that also provide all in one. There is also the commercial wordpress which includes hosting.

A website developer is someone that other than being able to develop a web site from scratch, in general should have some knowledge or the ability to handle all the above, and is the General Contractor of your web site. For example, WordPress and Joomla are not really suitable for all end-users, especiallyif there is something you want to customize, which will be often. Joomla can actually be quite difficult and I think it has its own certification.

When people break it up into front end and back-end developers, usually front enders are people who take care of the UI and the visual aspect of the web function, and back-end developers are the ones that develop the functionality of the web site, sometimes from scratch. This is a very big category and can cover a lot of different programming environments and scripting languages. Think of a Facebook or something smaller, like an app that compares car insurance. Or a big classifieds site, where data is always being updated and changes are made everywhere all the time and must be fixed live. The app or site will usually be in continuous delivery and and continuous deployment, and a lot of incendiary things are needed, such as versioning, source code management, etc. Companies like this may usually employ their own inhouse front, middle, back-end developers, and network architects. Large-scale things like things cannot be done by Wix or Joomla.
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