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[Serious] Should I decouple from a jointly owned property?


I co-own the private property with my mother and brother that we currently live in. We plan to eventually sell the place and go our ways.

Now, my brother wishes to decouple from the property so that he and his wife can invest in a property though they have no immediate plans to move out.

The decoupling will leave my mom and I as the remaining owners of out current home, and the decoupling rules also barred us from selling our current home for 3 years.

As I'm single, my plans for the future include either getting a BTO 2 room flat or getting a three room resale flat.

HDB rules require that I wait three years after the sale our current home before I can apply for a BTO flat. There no such rules if I were to get a resale flat though.

Question: Should I also decouple from the property and let our mother be the sole owner so that I can be free to wait out the 3 years required by HDB? HDB also states that I can apply for a wavier to the three year period. Does anyone know about the success rate on such application for wavier? Any info would be much appreciated. TIA
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