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Yes u and ur brother should decouple at the same time if both have plans to buy your own home and set up a family.
But u must Ensure ur current private property has been fully paid as I assume your mother was unable to take any loan due to her age limit.

If ur private property is still under loan, will you and your brother be able to fully pay it before your mum became the sole owner of this property?
Do also work out the decoupling sum, stamp duty incurred, lawyer fee etc to see if it worth the effort.
Yes, our current home has been fully paid up. I guess the biggest advantage for me to decouple will be the flexibility to opt for a BTO or resale HDB flat after waiting out the no sale period. My greatest hurdle will be to raise the funds to repay the CPF I had used for the mortgage. Perhaps, I will need to borrow the money from my brother bt is so difficult to open my mouth.
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