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Yes, the greatest hurdle is to raise fund to repay whatever cpf u n ur bro has contributed, plus accrued interest. So would selling off the private property makes more sense?

And also, what’s the % share ownership between the 3 of u?
If u and your brother has more % of ownership than your mum, well, then will incur more stamp duty if ur mum buys over the share from the 2 of u.

Of coz in the best setting, if your mum ownership is 98%, you n your bro 1% each, then very minimal BSD incurred.
My brother and I each holds 20% and the balance belongs to our mom. I hope to apply for a BTO 2 Rm flat so that will require about 5 years provided HDB agrees to waive the waiting period to apply for a flat after selling BTO applicants sell their private property. So selling immediately is out of the question as we need a roof over our heads.
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