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I'm just join and found it's interesting to answer.

WordPress will never changed and everything just work the way it is now, this has an impact on performance when Woocommerce is added without rely on any cache plugins, the site will tank to one digit request per second.

WP REST API is surprising slower than writing a plain PHP, Javascript or other compiled language. Joomla and WordPress are popular when "profit" is the developers' first priority.

As long as you can get more of performance with many optimizations, you have incurred a lot of overhead in budget, time and infrastructure. Just like Hardwarezone forum are still running on VBulletin, an old web technology vs Discourse or Reddit.

Most business owners aren't aware on this shortcoming and worry when it's slow, Woocommerce, bbPress and WordPress are manage by Automattic. You would eventually revamp with a modern solution when the old web solution a pain to scale.

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