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In the end I choose to pay for AJS 爱加速 for my Chinese Entertainment use case, RMB198 for one year.

I chose AJS because I used it when it was free, the number of servers were impressive, the speed was not bad either with the right servers.

I have paid VIP for Youku Video, QQ Music and Xiami Music, all three apps mostly work without VPN but some contents still require China VPN. AJS works fine for them.

I also tested Tencent Video and iQiyi, both work as well. But now lots of contents require paid VIP membership. And ads can be long without VIP. So if you are interested in the contents (both are better than Youku Video), it is better you pay the VIP.

More discussion of Chinese Entertainment here.
From my testing, 1080p with Tencent Video and iQiyi China version can be a bit lagging occasionally. 720p is okay. If you want to enjoy the contents, then you need to pay for the VIP.

But if you need 3 simultaneous connections, then Transocks is cheaper.

One of the potential use of China VPN is for soccer.

Good feedbacks of video quality of PPTV Sports (CIBN 聚体育 is the TV version). You need to pay for VIP and use China VPN.

Video quality is said to be higher than SingTel Cast Sports Plus (S$49.9 per months, 12 months contract with 3 months free).

Comments can select English/Chinese/Cantonese depending on the match.

Reference: YMMV, you may want to try one month first before committing.
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