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Think i have expended quite a lot of time on GOT already (Completed all main + mythic + side quests, and upgraded all gear). Spending my time to "plat" this title which i think its not that difficult.

My opinions have changed after completing this game.

Overall, GOT is a good game. Yes, it can get very repetitive. Most of the side quests are really mundane, and you cannot skip the cut scenes.
But i enjoyed the main story (especially from ACT II onwards) and the side quests from the main NPCs. Some parts are quite emotional and oriented in Jap culture.

I would recommend this game to anyone. I think Sucker Punch did a really good job on this.

Haha .. i still suck at "Standoffs" but its incredibly satisfying when you managed to execute the maximum 5. Woooooooo
this is one of the easiest game to plat. the only hard part is locating the hidden altars but you can use walkthrough.

this game is pretty much assassin creed japan. almost everything is similar except story. if valhalla come out early then i think this game's rating might not be higher than witcher 3.

hopefully there will be dlcs on what happen after the events of main game or more on main npcs.
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