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Think ish low profile compare to other games beside the GI Joe brand ish better known in west than east, also ish mainly because the game developer leeputation like not so good, tia those AMDK gamer gong this US based studio tend to produce cash grab $hit games base on moobie or known franchises. But the trailer do look good so moi ish keep moi hope up for nao.

Avenger seem to also have many negative feedback from a few early preview that moi came across. Many seem to say the game ish very lag and graphic become blur in higher resolution especially 4K and also the game seem very heavily monetized.

But seem the game still close beta so think the graphic problem will still be improved at launch bah. As for monetization since Avenger ish basically a money tree so can understand any game studio would want to milk to the max if they can get their hand on this franchise. But since this ish Square Enix moi don't think they will be go as low as EA to make the game P2W bah. So maybe ish selling different color hulk and other cosmetic features nia bah.
i seriously doubt ps4 can handle this game.. at best 1080p 30 fps..the supposedly superior ps5 only can handle this game at native 4k 30 fps.
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