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I intend to get a pair of spectacles

Iím near sighted (800 both eyes) and have astigmatism as well

Budget is 800+, would that be sufficient to get decent lens + an Ic Berlin frame?

Or would it be better for me to pay more to get lindberg instead

Suggestions would be greatly appreciated

A little tough. Your lenses will set you back quite abit because of the high power. IC berlin RRP $600 onwards usually. After discount and inclusive of your lenses - again, depending on what grade of lenses, with/without blue protect lenses, progressive lenses/digital lenses. However, due to the nature of the frame, i wouldnt recommend IC berlin because your lenses would be pretty thick even with the thinnest lenses. Not too sure about lindberg but price definitely higher. i would usually recommend a smaller plastic frame as the lens thickness wouldnt be too obvious.
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