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Lindberg has different series, for high power individuals, their titanium air rim series would be good. But if you find it small, can look towards their acetanium series whereby the lens thickness can be more hidden by the thickness of the frame.

There are actually many many frames out in the market that are small. Usually higher power glasses, should be recommended with frames that are smaller so you can reduce the myopic rings/diminishing effect.
You can even look towards the bespoke 3D printed frames which can fit your face well and even be adjusted to make the lenses less thick!
Cost of such frames about 500? Cheaper than Lindberg and icb.

But good frames are not just Lindberg and ICB, itís just that some of us here either try them before or so, so we just recommend.

Any brand recommendations for frames suitable for higher power? I see lindberg titanium frames look even slimmer/thinner than ic berlin's.
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