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Completed the whole 10G deployment at home including the converting of my pfsense box to a 1U chassis with 2x 40mm noctua fans.

Overall, it is a success, but with some ups and downs. The 10G in my lab and FreeNAS in rooms worked as planned. Quite like the cleaner server rack set up. If I do upgrade to 10G internet, will change the NIC in my pfsense box.

Some unfortunate event unfold during deployment.
1) While changing the chassis, the Kingston SSD boot drive died on me. Changed it to an Intel 240GB SSD.
2) Tested all the Cat6 points around the house and found that 2 out of 6 Ethernet point could not run at 10G. Which may be due to wear and tear of connection point or cable degradation. Will get a contractor in to restore these data connection point. Now.....I just want rest!!




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