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Engaged a professional to rectify the termination of all the data point at home. Set-up and re-check all the VLANs around the home switches. All is working well.

Interested forumers could PM me on the details of the setup, especially on the configuration for the different switches and the pfsense firewall.

Answers to some PM questions:
1) Some who asked what 10G NIC I recommend. I will go with either genuine Intel or Chelsio SFP+ NIC, connect via Direct Attached Copper (DAC) which gives the best performance and low latency over short distance. Another reason is because they are well supported by FreeBSD used by pfsense and FreeNAS.

2) Though not the subject of this project. Yes, for APs I do prefer Ruckus over Unifi. With Unleashed, even without the Zone Director, you can control using the web GUI on each AP, and you do not need to buy their switches to control the APs.

3) Yes, I build my smart home backed by my network infrastructure. In fact, if you are planning to set up a smart home, give some thoughts and planning to the network infrastructure. The smart home can only be as responsive and secure as the network infrastructure you having. Seen many people complaining that their smart home are not good enough or responsive enough when their home network infrastructure is not even up to par.

4) At the moment, 2x IPS's 1G internet is sufficient for my use. But who knows, I might consider to do a short project on building your very own 10G load-balance pfsense router and share with the HWZ forum in the future.

Hope that by sharing my experience in this post, will be of great help to those interested in 10Gbe home network set up. Thanks.

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