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Just be careful of non legit seller, meaning if you see cheaper than others.
The goods maybe imported or refurbished.

Buy from overseas can save $ but if PC go kaput than...
kaput just like this

Jokes aside, I suggest you to get your PSU locally with warranty.
I did use EVGA NEX650G (SuperNOVA 650 G1) @ year 2013 and it's still running well. Just that it's noisy when at load. so changed to Seasonic as recommended by bros here.

In my honest opinion, yes PSU might be cheap overseas but what if something happened?You will need to send in for RMA (touchwood). The cost to shipping it and to get it returned. So think of that cost factor. it's not worth getting PSU overseas unless they have international warranty. Not forgetting you have to wait longer when it's fixed compared to getting fixed locally.

I am not sure what's the latest model for Seasonic but am using the Focus GX650 80 Plus Gold and I am loving it.

1st it's super quiet, even at full load, it's not as hot as EVGA SuperNOVA 650 G3 (yes I got this before Seasonic. As why, I was skeptic about Seasonic at first.)

2nd the 12volts while testing on a multimeter at load with fans.. it's damn stable with 11.95volts - 11.98volts as compared to EVGA at 11.85volts to 11.92volts

3rd I love those flat cables, easy cable management.

ok not going to make all bros here fall asleep. well these are just my thoughts about Seasonic PSU
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