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Hi all, Im interested in applying for C or A as APO (Armed) as I'm going to graduate degree program soon (private, part-time from Kaplan) but have some qns.

1) I only hold a private degree & private diploma and N levels, with some years working in a supervisory role. Have been laid off and job market is really bad, hence am considering apo. With my certs, what likely rank will I qualify for? Would I likely be offered by Sgt by company C?

2) Do they allow tattoos? I have some on my upper arms that are not visible even when wearing short sleeve shirts.

3) I understand they conduct Credit Bureau as part of the application process. I have some debts on file (2 CC & 1 study loan) and my score is HH, but no bankruptcy, just my plain ignorance that caused a few late payments. Will this adversely affect?

Thanks all

1). Which uni school are you studying? Depend on the uni world ranking. They would check on spot for you.

2. For tattoo part, you have to check with the recruiter itself. Case by case.

3. During the interview, the recruiter would ask you to log in using your Singpass to check your CBS. Hard to give an answer. Best is to go down for a review.
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