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got difference between wechat hkd and wechat rmb? wechat people in hk cannot ACCept hkd?
Wechat Pay Hong Kong is only for people with HK Mobile and HK Bank Card.

It allows users in HK to use many WeChat Pay services. Last time it was only usable in HK but now you are able to use it outside of HK (say paying mainland street vendors), payment is in HKD.

Wechat Pay full function account is for people with China bank card. It can be used everywhere WeChat Pay is usable (say in Mainland China, HK, Singapore, etc).

Wechat Pay account without China bank card is pretty limited in function now. You are not able to receive red packet and transfer, basically you can not top up. You can pay certain services with SG credit card but pretty limited. Some users report the success of using it to pay for app services like QQ Music VIP. If you have existing balance you can use them up though.

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