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Guess it's as strict as SPF. Need to maintain the image.

One of my friends entered Coy A i think. He mentioned to me, work 4 days + 2 rest days. I wonder including travelling time (e.g. 60mins to workplace), + 12 working hours = 14 hours already. Is there anything like collecting weapons or stuff that can increase the time spent? 24 - 14 - 7 = 3 hours left only. Work days are really xiong, offday if require OT = gg.

Quite a tough job that require physically and mentally fit SG guys. That's like ~240 hours (exclude travel time n stuff) a month, compared to 9-5 Mon to Fri @ ~172 hours. 40% more hours. That's like a 9-to-5 job with $1900 salary.
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