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Your S1 smoke you. CFC is not a MUST to have rank for promotion to 3SG.

If your unit want you to hold 3SG estab appointment like section commander (SC), they can just appoint you to SC without promoting your rank. They can always add on goodies like L/3SG too.

CO can always promote anyone to the rank of 3SG. The catch is 3SG required a change of vocation (Eg: Transport Operator to Transport Leader) and it required you to attend courses. However SAF allow you to be promoted to 3SG and change of vocation first and attend the course on another time. So the 'another time' can last longer even after you MR, ROD or pass away.
So is the local promotion of CPL to 3SG officially recognized (ie get the 3SG allowance)?

Also if one is local promoted to 3SG, during ICT does he still holds the rank?
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