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Then MAJ Raymond Tan Sei Meng was my unit's S3 (operations officer) way back during my NSF days in 2005. (Can't say the unit's name but it was a reservist armour brigade) and he was technically the acting unit commander as the actual commander was a reservist and he was the highest ranking active personnel in the unit.

I don't really know well about him as he was posted out elsewhere shortly after I was posted to that unit and I was not from the S3 branch so I did not work directly under him and yes he was a heavy smoker back then as I saw him smoking in the smoking point very often. And according to my campmates who have worked under him before that he was quite a nice guy.

He was posted to CTTC or ABGTC (the armour reservist training centre) as commander somewhere in 2007-2008. I saw his name on the past/present commander plague in ABGTC Sungei Gedong Camp during reservist.

I don't really have much story to share except that I have heard from my unit mates that he was not one who will pull his rank unlike some officers/warrant officers. And coincidentally his assistant in the unit - the operations warrant also passed away prematurely somewhere shortly after the demise of LTC Raymond Tan.

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