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Let me share my experience....

vPost from USA to Singapore by SingPost is a COMPLETE DISASTER.

I agree, I had a similar bad experience with them. We wanted to use them to ship a bedframe and mattress via sea freight. We talked to them to confirm that we could do this, they told us no problem (their website still lists mattresses as things you can ship via sea freight - HardwareZone won't let me post the link but the page is easily found). So we bought them and had everything shipped to vPost.

When the mattress arrived, they contacted us to say that they can't ship mattresses and we'd need to either throw it away or pay someone else to come get it. We went back and forth with vPost and Singpost over this, pointing out that they told us that this wouldn't be a problem before we bought it and that their website says mattresses can be shipped via sea. vPost refused to budge, and Singpost gave us generic "we're sorry you're having problems with our service" responses.

We ultimately found another freight company in Portland that picked up the mattress and frame and delivered both safely to Singapore (at our expense, and vPost also had the nerve to charge us a handling fee for receiving the mattress that they refused to ship). We've refused to use vPost ever since then and only use Comgateway now, though sadly they don't offer sea as an option.
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