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Thank you very much! I appreciate every small detail that I can get since I never got the chance to know him better, i'm honestly surprised that there are still people who remember him :')
Some of us have mentioned about the late LTC Raymond Tan in the Sungei Gedong Camp thread:

The late LTC Raymond Tan was an armour officer and it seems like before he became S3 in the reservist brigade that I served my full time NS he was the officer commanding (OC) of Kaffir company in 42SAR. Maybe those people who was in 42SAR during his tenure there can share more stories about him.

Also if I was not wrong during the time of his demise he was posted back to that reservist brigade (Not sure about the appointment that he held) and according to my former campmate who served his reservist in that brigade that the 1st ICT after his demise they have observed a minute of silence for him and during the eulogy it was mentioned that he was still very concerned about the unit even when he was very sick.

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