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alright noted, but even if we talk to comd, officer all they won't give a fak cause in a way they hate statuses.. so in order to report sick kinda hard eventho we have memo from specialist that given long term statuses. I've been status for 6 month due to disc bulge/sciatica and might suspect meniscus injury on my right knee but nothing changes. My dad's been asking me that he wanted to call MINDEF, so i say don't do yet chances me get charge or db is like 99% chances. or just let me dad call safety hotline, to help most of my fellow mate that being force eventho on statuses and won't letting us go report sick.
No you will not get DB, jumping chain of command will only get you SOL or extra duty or no punishment at all,depend on the commander, of course the best is launch complain to ur OC, then up to CO, either by your parent or urself both acceptable. Do remember this is very serious safety breach and offense by commander, (alot of lower/ground commander are fcked up and all they know is to theaten you here and there), so just ignore the threathen and go for the complain, you have every right to defend yourself in this matter
Small tip , the higher rank the officer, they are much more reasonable and will stand at ur side for justice. No need to talk so much to sergeants/ WO and lower rank officers as they have little knowledge, all the best for you and those who come across this post, if theres any question , you can reach out to me
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