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Hi all, I am in a Long distance relationship and this Covid is taking a bit of a toll. I am currently on EP here and my partner is in Europe and she works there.

We havenít seen each other for 6 months and I was really hoping that some restrictions will be eased by now but no luck.

Singapore is not allowing her to come given its non essential so the only choice we have is to see each other in another country.

So far it seems like Turkey or Dubai are one of the few countries which is open to all tourists and requires no quarantine given we have a 72 hours Covid Negative test result.

My questions are:

1) Can I take a flight from Singapore to Turkey in current situation... will singapore let me leave. Is there any special permission I need to take?
2) Can I come back to Singapore without any issues, I know I will need to do 14 days quarantine at Govt facility at my own expenses which I am ok to do. Again I assume a return flight is all I need?
3) Is there any travel policy that covers me for Covid while I am overseas

Please try not to judge me, I am in a bit of a difficult situation and really need to travel but at the same time canít leave my job here!

Thanks for any help!
go check out all the travel advisories. insurance might not cover you at all pertaining to covid-19. so u need to take note
Whatever floats your boat...
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