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This forum is kind of therapeutic for me as it is for you and many others suffering silently, I hope.

I'm also sort of paying it forward as many other good souls here have helped me in my battle.

I hope you and other victims currently suffering , can find the time to help others in the future. Community effort here is really commendable. I, myself, would have been suicidal if not for many here whom have provide the support and advise.

There is the need to create awareness to stop the harassment.

If more victims knew what to do the better.

Eat, sleep and rest adequately. You need the mental strength and wits to end this harassment.

Thank you so much.Its really tough.Bad dreams, getting paranoid and and stuff. But im biting the bullet and riding this through. Of anyone here has job recommendations with immediate start dates, please do let me know. Yes for sure ive been trying to pay it forward as best as i can.
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