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Is there such thing as the money dispensed is actually the lender's own? As in these are lenders are not part of the actual UML cycle? The way the lender potrays is as if he is desperate to get his money back.
Not for loan scammers, they usually get victims to transfer you the money, then when they press you into returning them the money, you are transferring the money into another victims account.

Is a vicious cycle that keeps going until it the money eventually goes into their pockets/bank

At most they maybe only fork out less than 1000 dollars since their operation started.

They plant 300 in 3 people's account, make them pay endlessly to other victims then 300 in 3 people's account become 300 in 6 people's account and so on and so on, ever notice even when u pay back almost 2 to 4 times the amount of loan scammers they always try shaking you for more money? They are just increasing their victim counts by using you as a money tree and their personal money dispenser.
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