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hmm... i found this somewhere...
not sure whether it's the best way to go...

Take a train from Taipei station (you can access the train station from their MRT interchange with a short walk of 5 minutes), buy a ticket (NT80 1 way, 40 minutes ride) to ruifang, after getting out from ruifang station, go across the road and take a bus (NT19, 10-15 minutes ride) toward jinguashi direction and drop off at jiufen. The bus driver usually will announce the dropoff at jiufen, if you are not sure, can always ask the driver to tell you when jiufen is reached.
Yup. This is better way. Although there is bus that goes from Taipei to Jiufen, wouldn't recommend that. Go Jiufen first in morning, then afternoon-early evening time take a bus to KeeLong. There are night markets and more places to eat and shop at night. Then u take a train back to Taipei. Have to check what time is the last train though.
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