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Does those sfp+ 10GBase-T modules also support 2.5/5G speed? Or just 1G speed? I tried buying this tp-link switch after qnap ones become unavailable but always payment error on tmall/TB... wats wrong??
Not all. Some are only 1G or 10G. Some can do multi-G. Better to check the spec. Some allow firmware flash for better compatibility.

Just take note that not all SFP+ to RJ45 modules can work with all switches.

In my experience, Mikrotik, Ubiquiti, 10Gteck, Mellanox tends to be pretty good on compatibility with different kinds of switches.

Do take note that 10G SFP+ to RJ45 modules tend to run very hot. Try not to slot 2 modules close to each other and make sure the switches are located in well ventilated location.

Another good solution on achieving solid 10G through your SFP+ cages are to use the low latency DAC cables. There will be much lesser heat issues.

From the picture, port 1,2 and 3 will be 10G DAC, SFP+ to 10G RJ45, 1G RJ45

Connect to NAS:

For normal homes, I will go with 10G RJ45 connections since you can easily run Cat6/+ LAN cable around your house for 10G.

In my opinion, Mikrotik 10G switches gives one of the best value and reliability. SwOS is also easy to configure.

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