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For normal homes, I will go with 10G RJ45 connections since you can easily run Cat6/+ LAN cable around your house for 10G.

In my opinion, Mikrotik 10G switches gives one of the best value and reliability. SwOS is also easy to configure.
For new houses, indeed it is good to go for CAT6 cabling to be future proof.

For those who use existing CAT5e network cabling, and for those who mainly use laptops, 2.5Gbe network is still much cheaper than 10Gbe. Only problem is lack of the 2.5Gbe enabled switch and router choices. Hopefully next year we will see more such product now that PC motherboards start to offer 2.5Gbe support.

As for ISPs, looks like no chance to get real 2Gbps plan any time soon. Still it is okay to use 1Gbps as the uplink.

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