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To be future proof.

Anyway, gigabit home network is still okay.

But WiFi 6 now can be faster than 1 Gbps, PC motherboards start to have 2.5Gbps port, and NAS too. So 1Gbps LAN ports start to be the bottleneck.

There is a possibility that 2.5Gbps may get popular within next two to three years.

As for 10Gbps home network, it is not any time soon.
Honestly even if ISP have 2.5 Gbps plan and there is 2.5 Gbps hardware available, i do not think most home users will take 2.5 Gbps plan as most people will not need so much bandwidth and having more bandwidth not necessarily faster speed. For me i do not think i will consider 2.5 Gbps even if ISP offer it as 1 Gbps will be cheaper to use. Also do not need it as 25 Mbps already can watch Netflix in 4k.
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