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Honestly even if ISP have 2.5 Gbps plan and there is 2.5 Gbps hardware available, i do not think most home users will take 2.5 Gbps plan as most people will not need so much bandwidth and having more bandwidth not necessarily faster speed. For me i do not think i will consider 2.5 Gbps even if ISP offer it as 1 Gbps will be cheaper to use. Also do not need it as 25 Mbps already can watch Netflix in 4k.
There is a difference between LAN (home network) and WAN (Internet) here.

You can use 500Mbps internet yet have 10Gbps or 2.5Gbps home network, to have faster communication between desktops, laptops and NAS.

For example if you take high resolution 4k videos on the phone, then edit on the desktop/laptop and then archive in the home NAS, then the WAN speed does not matter but LAN speed matters.

Then when you want to upload to YouTube, WAN speed starts to matter.

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