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Hi.. Iíve a comparison qns to ask.

Assuming (only)..

High floor 20th floor 2BR with unblocked landed & sea view but facing AYE noise for the price of $1.x5mio


Low floor 2nd floor 2BR with pool view but actually not so noisy for the price of $1.x6mio

With a price difference of $10K & its own factors, which unit has more potential upsides for investment objectives? And why is that so?

Appreciate if u can share your views. Cheers all.

if its for your own stay, you will have to ask yourself which view you prefer. i mean mind you it will be the view you see daily and after a long day at the office. so in a way theres a value which you may ascribe to the view which is purely subjective.

is the sea view a proper legit sea view? or just pockets of view with some body of water? maybe do a site recce from a nearby building and ask yourself honestly.

if the 'seaview' option has expressway noise, i'd choose the pool view. from the penrose thread discussion, it seems that the bias against expressway noise is quite entrenched.
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