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Hey, pilots,

About a week ago, we deployed a very brief server-side maintenance and have confirmed that it has resolved the issue with players getting stuck at rank 0. However, this only prevents people from being affected moving forward, and players who are currently stuck in this state are still affected. Thankfully, we have a fix en route and wanted to give you all a heads up!

In Update 2.0 next week, well be providing all players with the option to reset their rank. This means players unaffected by the bug wont be forced to reset if they dont want to. We know this has taken a while to get out, and for that we apologize. The team has been working hard on getting this fixed as quickly as we can, but we know its put a damper on Fleet Battles for some of you.

Additionally, we also fixed the locked framerate issue on PC and the bug preventing players from completing Mission 9 in Update 1.3 that deployed alongside the Mando content. As a thank you for your understanding, well be giving all players 1,200 Glory for being so patient while weve worked on resolving these, admittedly, very tricky bugs. The Glory will come after Update 2.0 is deployed and weve confirmed the ranked issue is no longer impacting players.

Thank you so much for hanging in there with us, pilots!

Well see you in the stars.
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