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Need advices If the pc build can be bought!

Hello gurus! Sorry I'm a total kluz when it comes to computers and would want to have some advices if I can buy the following promotion bundle from Lazada!

The 999 bundle from armaggeddon -

Processor i5 10400f or Ryzen 5 3500x (which to choose?)

For RAM, additional 8gb will be +75

For Storage, 1 TB HDD will be +65, 2TB HDD will be +90

Do u think should upgrade both of them?
Is this purchase worth to buy?

More info - I'm just playing simple games like league and dota. No need fps or high end graphics. Usually serving Web and office work only.

Thanks in advance! I'm not sure if this thread can be used for this purpose. I'm sorry if I am wrong.
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