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you got how many kid? 1 or 2?

now maybe 1 still okay, but if 2 then jialat liao
I am a pro-choice man. If spouse want 2, I am ok with 2. If spouse want 1, I am ok with 1.

If its 2 children, depend on the age gap.

Kids at 18 to 20mths, once they know how to walk, they should know how to help around the house by doing simple stuff like picking up clothes and putting it in the laundry basket and basic 'pick up own stuff' liao.

By 4yrs old, they should be already putting clothes in the laundry, twisting that knob and pressing the button and taking out fresh laundry from the machine and passing it to parents to clip up.

By 7yrs old, should at least know how to cook white rice in rice cooker or operate a simple Nespresso machine.

No, its not about 'training kids'. Its about how parents set a very clear, consistent and daily example for kids so that kids know the basics of housework and responsibility. Its not a "Maria, go wash bedsheet." or a "Yati, go cook dinner for Master."

HDB max size just 110sqm.

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