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Brought my toddler to the playground earlier today and there were these 3 Malay kids playing at the playground structure.

When I approached the slide to let my toddler have a go, they kept laughing and pointing at my kid then they told me he looks “funny”. I asked them why and one of them said “he looks like my classmate xxx (some Chinese name)”.

Was quite shocked at the casual racism displayed by these kids (primary school age). I really didn’t expect such behavior by young children.

As a parent, do you have similar experiences? How do you react?
Erm... "He looks like my classmate xxx" and you call it casual racism?

Some people say that I look like a relatively famous personality.
Some people say I don't look Singaporean.
I go Thailand, Indonesia, people think I am a local Thai Chinese or a Malaysian.

Point is, people of all ages have their opinions.

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