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Donít have disposable income to replace tv every 18-24 months but can afford 2-3x upfront cost? How much is the Phillips compared to tcl and xiaomi?

Also, solution to e waste is not buy more expensive so can last longer. Tech moves and keeping something longer means youíll be leaving out features. A better solution will be to push manufacturers to use more recyclable material and recycling program (trade in credits etc)
I did end up with a Philips Android TV. It was $800 compared to the equivalent Xiaomi TV at $500. So, yes, I paid more but I feel more confident with the 3 year warranty that i won't add another panel to the e-waste mountain.

I like your thinking with recycling materials, i.e. making it mandatory to have a certain amount of materials from recycled sources.

The trade-in credits may be tricky, I think the carrot approach may not work here maybe the stick approach could work better? If governments put a "waste" tax on TV panels this would also help close some of the gap between the products that are manufactured with longer lasting parts and therefore are more expensive and the irresponsible manufacturers like Xiaomi who just compete by dumping cheap crap at lowest price.
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