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Which distro didn't do a 1-to-1 exchange and made you wait for the repairs? I want to avoid said distro.

I've never experienced a GPU break down. But I did experience my NZXT LED lightstrip became spoilt. I took this opportunity to see how Tech Dynamic's RMA experience is like. Tech Dynamic is the official distributor for Zotac and EVGA. It was relatively simple and fast. Brought my receipt and LED lightstrip, and they did a 1-to-1 exchange right on the spot. This is what the distro should do.
Your experience is shocking. So I'd appreciate you sharing this distro so that I'd avoid their products.
You must be new to gpu's 90% send overseas for repair and meanwhile you have no card. Yes, some may loan you a card but I ever heard the loaned card is those 730 type.

That is why you now see gigabyte sticker emphasizing '1 to 1 exchange for 1st year'...that is a selling point.

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