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I really hope someone is reading this thread will help me.

I was studying a degree majoring in human science & minoring in IT in Malaysia (I'm a Singaporean though).
After that got a job in video editing (surprisingly not degree-related, but more on past works/portfolio) for 5 years and ongoing.

I'm intending for a career change for a couple of reasons.
Had enough being in this media industry, with all the late night, burnout, which affects with me having little time to spend with family.

The pay is ok ok can last end of the month. Really appreciate my wife able to work as well to ease the house/bills payment.

Hope to get into IT because of better pay & work/life balance (please correct me if I'm wrong. I don't have any friends in IT to refer to)

I saw the skillsfuture study&work which I'm interested.. but it's a fulltime study and the allowance is up to $1,200 which not ideal for me and my family.

Another option I saw on Temasek Poly, there's a part-time specialist diploma in cloud data or part-time diploma in ICT ... which might be my option
since I can work and study.

Also will company hire if I just get a specialist diploma in cloud? or i'm not eligible enough to get hired in IT industry.

I really, really hope someone can guide me on this. Thank you for reading.

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I do not know how much do you know about the IT industry as why do you think that it IT job will enable you to have more time.

Eligibility to work in IT industry really depends on how desperate a company is in getting staffs and of course, the supply of qualified candidates. I am also curious how much are you expecting with a specialist diploma?

Now seems a bit fuzzy as gahmen is pushing people to get new and more skills but salary is still been tied to qualifications and experiences.
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